"Mr. Mariner", Alvin Davis, making baseball look good.


Ok, we like to honor players who have done something unique and significant. When we had the opportunity to honor Alvin Davis we knew he was the first inductee into the Mariners Hall of fame but what stats don't tell you is that he is the kind of man that you would start a franchise's hall of fame with. 

Alvin was was also voted the American League's Rookie of the Year Award after batting .284 with 27 home runs and 116 RBIs in 1984. Given the nickname "Mr. Mariner" you understand that is not only his achievements but his embodiment of the ideal baseball player you want to admire. Humble and gracious throughout his career, we now honor Alvin with a home run designed shirt and limited collectible signature patch. "Mr. Mairner" you give baseball a good name.


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